Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Accidental ruined orgasm

We've just got back from a five day holiday in South East Asia. The weather was great and, although I wasn't in lock up (too warm & I was with Mistress pretty much 24/7), I wasn't going to be allowed an orgasm.
It was a very busy five days with a lot of partying thrown in. We did have time for a bit of fooling around in the shower at the start of the day and a bit of oral worship of Mistress, but that was about it.
We got back home yesterday, fairly jet lagged and indulged in some fooling around. This involved me being edge several times in the shower. By this time it had been at least six weeks since I had an orgasm; there was precum dribbling from my cock all over the place and on at least one edging a bit of cum leaked out. Mistress hasn't made me eat it yet, although I've mentioned it. She just said she wasn't 'there' yet. By this I took here to mean she hasn't got that into being a domme that she's comfortable making me do that. We haven't discussed it any further, a conversation for a later date, perhaps.
After all the shower-based teasing we moved to the bedroom where I was told to rub moisturiser into her legs. Mistress does have very long and slim legs, so I'm quite happy to be doing this!
After that, we went for some oral body worship - missing all over. Eventually I made my way so by face was over her pussy, side ways on a after kissing around her pussy started teasing her lightly with the tip of my tongue. This resulted in her getting very wet indeed and it wasn't long before I was getting suited up for some proper sex form the first time in what seemed like ages.
Mistress had me lie it the centre of the bed and straddled me before lowering her pussy onto my cock. It felt great. After riding me to her first orgasm she began to really grind down on me, gyrating her hips and using one hand to muffle me, sliding several fingers into my mouth. I love this - it is so hot. Some dirty talk followed, calling me her fuckstick, how she'd like to tie me to a chair and make me watch as she tucked herself using her vibrator before making me lick it clean.
More sex in different positions followed with me getting very close to cumming. I wanted to do it face to face and that's when it all went wrong; just as I was getting to the point of no return I caught her slightly wrong and she pulled away, pushing me out and I came. One ruined orgasm. Fuck.
And that was it. She had a nap. There was some teasing this morning before lock up and a hint of some more action tonight but I've pretty much been told that there will be no orgasms for me.

Finally - welcome to Cruel Dama!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Whipping boy

The Mistressification of my wife continues!
Normally, we share shopping type chores (when I'm home, anyway). My wife had asked me to post my nephew's present and pick up some stuff form the shop for dinner. She had also asked me to get a new part for her laptop. Well, I managed one out of three (posted nephew's present) and decided to pick up a take-out from our favourite curry house on the way home instead of cooking.
During the exchange of text messags through the day she told me I was going to be punished when I got home for not doing the things she'd asked me to and (I quote) "not priotising mistress."
I got home an hour or so after my wife and she had had a crap day at work. I was told that I was going to get punished for my infractions.
Now, I did email the link to All Mine's recent thoughts on punishment (see previous post) and wondered if she'd read it. Spanking and such like hasn't been part of our repertoire over the last couple of years. In fact, orgasm denial has been about the limit of my wife's mistress/domme activities. Apparently she hadn't read it but just told me after dinner to get myself naked and upstairs on the bed and on all fours.
She came up after a while and unlocked me before digging a whip out of the wardrobe and giving my arse a bit of a flogging over the next fifteen minutes (I think) whilst pointing out my failings.
The slave/domme scenario was spoiled a bit by her (and me) dissolving into fits of giggles ("Are you laughing? Stop laughing at once!" "You laughed first! You stop it!") and her checking if this was a turn on for me or not. She freely admits that it is a bit of a problem to inflict pain on her loved ones. This might be more about the fact that the pain is the main focus when doing this; she has happily clawed me when love-making.
Afterwards, we discussed if she enjoyed it. I got the stock response that she enjoyed the fact that it turned me on but also a brief admission that she derived a "sick pleasure" from it. I suspect this is just a mental block on her admitting she enjoyed it for what it was.
So, we shall see what happens next. Will their be more whippings? Quite possibly. Hopefully, she will get some confidence in what she's doing and be able to dish out punishment for her own satisfaction.
Now, I realise that some people may think I am 'topping from the bottom' here. They are probably right. However, one thing I've learnt here is that nobody else but me is going to teach my wife to be a domme and if I just throw books and information about at her she is likely to feel swamped and fustrated and completely shut down.
One step at a time then.
Have a good weekend - I'm off to watch the rugby in Cardiff. Maybe I will get lucky and England will win the Grand Slam!